Apart from bumping a thread from many moons ago; what you may have experiences was this:

the Invalid IP/network may have been an APIPA address which is self-assigned for very small networking, and networks without static IPs or a DHCP server. The issue you had most likely was a corrupt IP stack or a winsock related issue. Such problems in windows can be resolved by running an elevated command prompt and typing "netsh winsock reset".

Any half decent tech support would tell you this, however since that did not resolve the issue, they have then removed your NIC from the installed hardware and allowed the OS to reinstall which resolved the issue with the network. This is why you no longer see Network 2, and are now connected to Network 3.

In most cases a cmd box on startup is usually a script running. May be related to spyware but just as likely to be legitimate in windows; especially domain clients.