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    on-screen keyboard

    Hi ,
    was reading netguide and come accros this tip:
    with lot of spayware and viruses on the Internet it can be worried to reveal some sensitive infosas they can fall into wrong hands.
    So they saying if you want to buy anything on line, do banking wtc. and need to insert personal info it is way to go around the problem.You can use Window On -screen keyboard and even if you have a keyloger or spayware, infos can not be recorded.

    Ok. Question is: did you play around with this features and is it true? i believe some of our newbies could find this tip helpful.
    On screen keyboard can be accessed:
    start>programs>accessories>accessibilites>on-screen keyboard

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    Or, just keep a reasonably secure OS install and use that. I generally only use my laptop for personal stuff (banking, shopping, etc.) and screw around with anything "risky" in a vmware environment.

    I change my passwords often and even change the credit cards I use online often. (I cancel the card and order a new one for $5. I tell them the card is damaged or I want to ensure it's not in many databases on the net.) You can even use "one time credit cards" if your provider supports it.

    I know its more difficult today to keep your private info off the web. However, it is possible.
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