Tesco launches own brand software
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Thread: Tesco launches own brand software

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    Tesco launches own brand software


    Tesco is to launch a range of budget own-brand PC software, in a move that will pitch the grocery giant against the likes of Microsoft and Symantec.

    Tesco said it would offer six packages, including office software, security systems and a photo editing tool.

    Britain's biggest retailer said each title would cost less than 20, challenging what it described as the current "high" price of PC software.

    This could be the start of big things in Europe anyway.
    It's not very often Tesco fux up and ,in the UK certainly, it's probably a more trusted brand than any of the software companies.

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    Tesco is trying to get a share of the US market as well - http://money.cnn.com/2006/02/24/news...o_us/index.htm

    Should be interesting!

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