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    computer keeps freezing

    lately my computer keeps freezing on- and offline. have checked compatibility of software, startup programs ect., ran spyware and av program. any suggestions?
    OS: WinXP pro
    Version: 5.1.2600
    Service Pack: 2.0

    Capacity: 512 MB

    Total Capacity: 93.15 GB
    Used: 4.68 GB
    Free: 88.47 GB

    AMD Sempron(tm) 2600+
    Version: x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
    Speed: 1830 MHz

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    Put it in front of a heater......give it a wooly hat and scarf?

    Or you could give a lil' more info!

    What are you doing when it freezes? lPlaying a game, surfing web etc?
    What was the last thing you done before it started?
    Have you recently installed any hardware, opened the PC up for any reason?
    Did you do the spyware/virus scan in safe mode also?

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    A couple of things you might like to check out:

    1. Go into event viewer and see if there is anything in the logs.
    2. Check your scheduled tasks..............you might have a conflict there.

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    Open the bugger up and check all your fans are running.
    Make sure the heat sinks are free of dust.
    Untangle wire etc.

    Could be overheating.

    Could be lots of other things too but that's an easy one to check.

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    Thanks for all suggestions. I've tried them but to no avail. Anyway, while checking different possibilities I found a new Ethernet Controller - eeyen - in the device manager. I remember now, before the freezing started, I've downloaded the trial version of blink, a security program. Had to uninstall it since there were some conflicts. I've tried several times in safe mode to uninstall this controller but it keeps popping back up. Right now I have it disabled but next time I reboot it will reinstall itself again. I am pretty sure, when I get rid of this controller my pc will work fine.
    Again, thanks a bunch for your help - even the one with the heater/scarf ;-)

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    If youve disabled the controller in device manager it wont enable itself on reboot.

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    boot into safe mode and run your spyware,antivirus,registry cleaners etc there.Reason being that a minimal set of drivers are loaded and cannot interfere with them..if you suspect windows is corrupt run xp from boot and run a repair function..
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    Make sure you backup your important stuff if you didn't already. I used to not routinely back up, then I had a possible issue and underestimated how serious it was and ended up losing very important data. So, definitely put some time into backin up anything important. I currently use StompSoft's http://www.stompsoft.com/pc-backup/pc-backup.html and I am very pleased with the product.

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