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    desktop recomendation

    Hi all,
    have unty in usa who is in late 50s and she wants to buy desktop.she wrote this:
    I think I am going to get a new desk top computer. I will still get this one fixed just haven't done it yet. I usually get Dells, but have heard their customer support sucks now. Any suggestions on what brand is good and reliable now?

    any suggestions guys?
    she lives in california.

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    I'd still stick with Dell.

    Yes customer support sucks, yes they are difficult and pushy to deal with.
    But they're dirt cheap and the kit is ok.
    Dell get a lot of bad press but remember they sell a LOT of computers.

    Every company gets bad press at one point or another. Every company makes a lemon occationally.

    You might want to wait until she has had her old one fixed (reformat/reinstall??).
    It might go a lot faster than she thinks after it's been flushed out and she may get another few years out of it.

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    even though dell have the worst customer service i'd still buy a computer from them, simply because if i need it in a hurry and it has to be to a budget then they are usually cheapest.

    and i'm sure that your Grandma does not have a bucket load off money to spend on a computer that she isnt going to use all the time.?

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