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    Looking at your Name, it seems you are from India and when you mentioned desert.. Maybe Rajesthan.. You can get the book you are looking for from www.firstandsecond.com.. The site is maintained by Relience... You can either get the India Edition (if there is one) or the international one.

    Just one word of caution if you are going to use the site.. Try not to pay online using the credit card. You can walk into any Relience WebWorld and pay by cash..
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    Here are a few good links that I found helpful. I am actually working on this myself over the last few weeks and it is tough sometimes finding clear information.

    The best site I found for Windows Sockets is actually MSDN, they give you a walkthrough of an application to help you out: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/de...th_winsock.asp

    The above link is mainly for Windows, Unix is similar in concept but uses some slightly different structures. Of course this is all in C++.

    I also found this link helpful:

    This one has a Unix and Windows Example:

    Now, for the fun part. Although all of these links and tutorials will give you a good overview and give you a actual working program, the commenting on them are so-so at best. I actually took the www.codeproject.com tutorial listed above , and used the MSDN site to reference each and every class and function. I have revised and commented my version with tons of notes to make it more understandable.

    I an now working on making the authors version even better, using more of the funtionallity, i am learning alot from doing it this way.

    Hope this helps.

    *PS: I have spent tons of money on books, and really do enjoy them, after finding that the "good stuff" is always a google away I now spend my time on that. You can usually find what your looking for pretty quick.
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