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after seeing some of your posts troulz i am firmly convinced you'd have been better off just drying in your mama's ass crack
Thats no way to treat a lady, my friend.

But as for Troulz's initial post, explaining what exactly you want to do (compromise a mail server, finally get to browse those blocked sites you've wanted to for so long at school, or even simply get to read your mail) we'd be more than happy to help!

Posted by: computernerd22
Yea, why are you doing this from your 'home' computer? Heres a better idea, click on start, go to run, type telnet mail.school.net 25

Now you should be directly connected to the schools mail server running on port 25.
I'm sorry but this makes no sense. First off, she should be doing nothing from her home computer. Ideally she would have a shell that'd she'd connect to via Tor (or some other anonymous method), and then from that shell telnet to her school's mail server. Hell, if you have enough time on your hands, get a few zombie computers, proxy through each of them, and then telnet to the mail server from the last one.