Ok, heres a slight problem I'm having right now that i haven't seen before.

I've tried google, support.microsoft etc etc. no joy

I just finished installing 2K3 Enterprise on a server, installed AD, and DNS on it. Created my users, but when I try to login to the domain from a computer it says that it cannot log me in.

Logging in as "Administrator" works, but logging in as a user/domain user does not work.

I've created about 10 different test users, but none of them can log in. If I go to the server itself and try to login, it tells me I cannot log in interactively to this machine. Which of course is cause I don't have "Allow local Login" enabled in the GPO, but at least its finding the user. But not on the workstations

I'm somewhat puzzled, my DNS on the workstations are pointing to the AD server, and I have no problems having computers join the domain, I just can't for the life of me get the users to be able to log in from a workstation.

Also another thing, not sure if its associated with this, but when you press CTRL + ALT + DEl to login, and you select the domain to login to a small window pops up that says "Finding Domains, or Refreshing Domain List" Don't remember which one. the only way to make it go away is to CTRL + ALT + DEL again.

Any ideas?