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    xbox system linking

    hi guys,

    i have a problem concerning system linking xbox's im trying to connnect 6 xbox's together. problem is one of the guys forgot to get a 6 port switch! now i have 2 4 port wireless routers but im not sure how to connect them together. although i am sure that they can be connected together. your help would be greatly appreciated by all 12 of us tryin to play halo 2 tonight.

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    Hi Kongo,

    It might help if you say which make and model of routers you have. Also is this a lan setup or a wan?

    If I remember correctly, to connect two routers wirelessly at least one of them has to support bridging/forwarding (repeating)?

    I do believe that there is a possible wired solution as well.

    I am afraid it isn't my field, but I think that we probably need a bit more information?

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