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    Don't you think that MS is going to take into consideration how this works and make sure that they don't lose money by overloading their support services with what will amount to free tech support calls?
    When an organisation that size issues a DRM that will fail because the CMOS RTC battery is flat.............. I think you can answer that question yourself?

    I don't know how many of you have had to audit an organization to make sure all of your software license are legit, but it is a hard and time consuming task
    Yes, I have..........and it is a PITA..............BUT only for software versions........... the bloody OS is a mirrored clone, and God help anyone, apart from myself, who has anything different.

    Errr, if you support "legacy" you try to do it off the networks? and on as few boxes as possible?

    I am afraid that argument does not appeal to me.............although I do believe in standardised software deployments...............the OS should be standard anyways?

    If you have Microsoft stock, my advice is still to dump it. They are now thrashing, and have become so large they have attracted the attention of national governments................ there is only one way for them?..............you see, governments won't allow corporates to be larger than them?

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    VMS rocks


    I agree about VMS.

    I was almost in tears one night at the local computer recycling center as we tore apart a DEC Alpha server and its ancilliary equipment.

    I could have easily mounted that 19" rack of equipment in my basement, storage power and could have shut of the central heat!

    of course old would be DCL, PIP and RSX11M.

    I won't even address Fortran 4 on an IBM 1130

    "Somehow saying I told you so just doesn't cover it" Will Smith in I, Robot

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