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    A tip on how to prevent unwanted dialing

    Hey all, in this thread I'll post one of my favorite security-related configuration tips. You see, it's that I always set my computer, and also recommend other users (on forums, blog comments etc.) to set their computers' modems to "Show terminal window" before connecting to the Internet ...

    For much more details about this (i.e. how to actually do this), check the "Security and dial-up" page at CastleCops Wiki (btw. I've created it) or visit the "config.html" page on my own website.

    regards, satyr
    If you want to, check out my website: http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/ (direct) http://tadej-ivan.be/ (redirect), and enjoy reading my computing-related discoveries, hints, principles, and rules.

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    Thanks, my uncle keeps getting unwanted dialing which is costing him a lot. This will help, thanks.


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    Diallers can be very expensive, depending on where you live, and who your Telco is, you may have some protection.

    I would suggest getting A-Squared from Emsisoft. It is a specialist anti-malware product that is particularly good at detecting/removing diallers.


    Like the link says, it is free

    Another approach worth looking at IMHO is the "sandbox" principle............ this goes back to the Berkley University Unix concept of 40 years or so ago?

    Stuff like SandboxIE, Fortres Grand Virtual Sandbox and so on will run your browser in a sandbox where malicious stuff cannot access the rest of your system.

    I would also install something that prevents Registry Amendments.......... as a starter take a look at DiamondCS from Australia............ a lot of malware still wants to make amendments to the Registry?


    Check out the other free security products whilst you are there

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