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    Cool A cool trick for Firefox related to GIF images

    Not security related though, but I just need to mention this awesome Firefox trick. It's about animated the most of the time annoying GIFs (.gif format of file); the thing is that to stop these GIFs animating one just needs to hit the Escape button (I've found out afterwards that it works also in Internet Explorer browser); I think that it works only on the current page/tab that one is on (i.e. the one with focus), and not on the whole window or even the whole Firefox instance (i.e. all the open tabs + all windows or in other words for the one particular "firefox.exe" process)

    P.S. -- If anyone might want to, here is a link to a thread on Ars Technica tiled Firefox. Arrrgh! Why! FFS where I first saw it mentioned in in this particular Happysin's post (btw. my nick is "shirker" on Ars-forums)

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    Hitting escape doesn't just stop animated Gif's but it will stop ALL loading on the page. So make sure you don't hit escape before the page itself has finished loading otherwise you'll just have to refresh.

    Also if there are any elements anything that auto refresh themselves then they will also stop working.

    But other than that, yeah it works
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