I have a little piece of software a buddy from a large company in vagas gave me it is a bootable cd that loads a linux window that looks alot like a win98 boot disk but with one hugh difference it give you the option to set a new admin password with out knowing the original password I have had to use it to reset a password on a 2000 server where the person who set up the server deleted all user and admin accounts except the original one which he was the only that new it he did this as a last act of definance as he was leaving on bad terms the company that owned the server does gov. contract for circut boards long story short all local computer shops told them it would take a couple day to recover there data and reload the server well with this NT password cracker it took all of 5 mins and a couple of reboots and they where back in business I wish I could remember where he said downloaded it at pertty cool boot disk though