Okay, here is the deal... I'm wanting to setup a firewall at home and incorporate an IDS such as snort. I'm considering using m0n0wall but it looks like I would have to install my IDS on a seperate machine as oposed to say IPcop which would allow me to install snort. Is this because IPcop is linux based and m0n0wall is BSD? I would prefer to have one system doing both jobs, that I can log into remotely. I have never configured IPtables or IFwhatchamacallit on BSD, nor have I run monowall or IPcop before. I am also running a wireless router. So what would be the ideal setup?

A) [DSLMODEM] ---> [m0n0wall] ---> [IDS] ---> [Wireless Router]

B) [DSLMODEM] ---> [IPcop w/snort] ---> [Wireless Router]


C) [DSLMODEM] ---> [m0n0wall] ---> [Wireless Router] ---> [IDSbox w/Airsnort]

or am I way off here?