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    Possible interview questions?

    Ive got an interview for the position of IT factory technician for a multi national hdd manufacturer this week and was wondering what type of questions could come up at interview?
    Here is the job summary:

    Post holder is responsible for:
    Supporting 24x7 Wafer Manufacture. This includes installing and maintaining Factory PCs and Factory software, and executing processes to maximise uptime of mission critical IT equipment and software.

    Provision of desktop services to the user community. This includes support of IT desktop applications and network/voice services.

    Main Tasks:

    Installation & maintenance of all IT Factory PCs
    Work companys continental shift pattern
    Provision first and second level user support on IT Desktop PCs within the Springtown Office areas
    Carry out all procedures necessary to service IT Helpdesk
    TPM Audits \ Implementation of Service Improvement plans
    Adherence to Desktop Software License Management procedures
    Fault Diagnosis & Correction
    End-User Training
    Maintain Professional attitude and approach to customers at all times
    Continuous development of individual and team MAP measures.
    Management of sub-contractors providing installation, upgrade or service to Systems Infrastructure
    To travel on-site out of hours to perform fault diagnosis and correction on Systems as necessary
    To perform any additional duties in line with the position.
    Compliance with Health & safety policy and procedures

    All help is greatly appreciated.


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    Slainte va mo bucum,

    I guess that I would talk about the "disaster plan" or "business continuity plan"............ let them know that you are not IT isolationalist or ivory tower?

    Sometimes it helps if you take the battle to them rather than being defensive?

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    Does anyone else have any suggestions please?

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    Here's one I love:

    Interviewer Question - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Applicant Answer - In your job.
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    A question that is often asked in ANY interview is "What do you consider to be your main strengths?". Conversly they will often ask "What do you consider to be your main weaknesses?".

    It is always a good idea to prepare answers to these before hand. Particularly with your weaknesses this can save you being put on the spot and saying something bad.
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    Maintain Professional attitude and approach to customers at all times

    Whenever there is customer contact, you can bet one of the questions will be conflict resolution, how would you handle a particular scenario.

    A lot of companies are looking at attitudes a lot closer nowaday's (in case you go postal..Lol) seriously, anger management is huge....
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    Thanks for the informative replies everyone.
    I am well versed in interview techniques, competency based questions, etc. However, im not too sure what they might ask me in a technical capacity...i probably didnt make myself clear sorry.

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    Hi r3b00+,

    Maybe these interview tips would help. http://interview.monster.com/archives/tips/

    Another good mock Q&A is here http://sify.com/education/interviewt...hp?id=13395778

    another good q&a is here http://careermosaicindia.com/JS/CRC/...rview_arch.htm

    It may help you prepare for the big salary question.

    dress code

    I am telling you all this since i take a lot of interviews and what i like is a smiling face with a quick wit. sometimes i may like a candidate and herd him thru difficult questions by giving helpful tips. so look out for those signs. I make up my mind in the first 15 mins of the interview, the rest is drudgery.

    team player is an important word here and also the ability to remain cool during crises.

    be yourself and it should work out fine. It was my turn for an interview this saturday for a bigger post and the interviewer gave me some valuable tips on subjects i considered to be a master jedi. he wanted to me to take positively and i did. Your important words are-Compliance, Ready as an when called and adaptibility.

    all the best

    edit: apologies. the post got deleted by mistake. so posted again.
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    Some of the questions I use are as follows:

    Have you ever used remote Desktop applications? If so what? (dameware, remotely anywhere, pc anywhere, etc)
    Have you ever used a ticket application before? (something that generates issues and you can log your work on) if so what?
    For optimal uptime what would you recommend doing? (backup PC's already in place at the various *critical* operations) This should all be covered in an in depth continunity plan
    Have you ever used a corporate backup application? what?
    A user calls complaining their computer wont get on the internet what would you do? (make sure its on, ping it, ipconfig /renew, etc)
    - if all that works and they cant get to a server name what do you do?
    -ipconfig/flushdns blah blah

    have you ever managed a team before?
    Do you have any experience training people?
    How would you handle an inventory of our systems?
    How would you handle inventory of licenses?
    Then based on your resume I would dig into other stuff you know and apply it towards my position.

    Make sure when you show up you have done research about the company know a bit about them. Make sure you have some good questions that show you truly are interested in the organization. Odds are you will interview with HR, the manager, and maybe some other people, just depends.
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