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    Hi there,

    I have gotten a little bugger called "tacoda" on me system, ewido picks it up, deletes it, then after a reboot it is back again. I did this all in safe mode and still the thing won't go. I've looked in add and remove programs to see if it is something I unwittingly downloaded, but no.

    Any ideas?

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    Google is your friend:


    From the looks of it, it's only a cookie:


    Probably being placed on your system by an ad on a website your regularly visit.
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    If you use XP then you can disable system restore and run a scan and delete the malware.
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    Re: Tacoda

    Originally posted here by JonnyFrond
    Hi there,

    I have gotten a little bugger called "tacoda" on me system, ewido picks it up, deletes it, then after a reboot it is back again. I did this all in safe mode and still the thing won't go. I've looked in add and remove programs to see if it is something I unwittingly downloaded, but no.

    Any ideas?

    Pronto Frootball
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    Spybot S & D has some useful items in the "tools" section. Use them to see if you have any funnies.

    WinPatrol has good cookie management.....................you can set them to be automatically destroyed.

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