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    Anatomy of a spam e-mail

    This is a little atrical from the BBC. It gives a fairly simple run down on reconising spam and it is farily basic but might give a starting poin t for some.

    Full BBC report.

    Anatomy of a spam e-mail

    A daily chore of modern life for many is the morning trawl through a full inbox deleting spam email. But just where does it all come from and why do spammers use bizarre text, names and images in their emails?
    To the expert eye a typical spam is laden with clues to its origin. Click on the links below to find out more

    "Iverson Vernie": An implausible name that sounds human to computers if not people. This helps to offset the "spamminess" of the message. Plus it is in capital letters which also helps to bust the scoring systems often used to spot spam.

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    For all the people out there that cannot read email headers there is a site for you www.spamcop.com paste entire email headers in there it does it for you.

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