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    I am not understanding this.

    I am assuming that you are speaking of the wireless adapter that goes with the router that is not compatible? But how do you know that? ( Couldn't find anything on that mobo, is it a D865 perl ? )
    Just because you could not get it to work?

    Did you try the card in another computer?

    Did you try it in other PCI slots on that computer?

    Many motherboards share one PCI slot with the AGP slot, so you can't use both at the same time ( usually it is the PCI slot next to the AGP slot. )

    When it was installed did you check System Information ( Start\Programs\Accesories\System Tools\System Information, or just run msinfo32 )
    Look under Hardware Resources ( looking for Conflicts\Sharing and Forced Hardware ) and Components ( looking for Problem Devices )
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    @acidtone... Was so fun, made me feel intelligent!

    @IknowNot... I Have 3 IDENTICLE pc's in this here house. Same MOBO (D865 Perl), same processor chip, same size HD, and same verison OS. Only thing different in each of them was how they connect to the internet. 2 were hardwired and the 3rd was moved to the basement where Wireless would be a must. I bought the dlink for it... and shortly after things were freezing... It didnt dawn on me though it could be the adapter.

    I swaped it out of all 3 PC's and tried many agp slots. On all PC's they all freezed.

    The only thing that threw me off was how one of the PC's overheats very frequently and shut off. I couldnt determine the difference there.

    I have never heard that msinfo32 command... i wonder if that would of saved me a lot of time and hassel?

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