need help plz: looking for password generator
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Thread: need help plz: looking for password generator

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    need help plz

    first off hello everyone <first post> my ex wife has taken over all my website's i.e. my yahoo..myspace..did my bank too but got that one taken care of thank god anyone know of anykinda password genarator that i can use to get my accounts back with ? any help on this would be greatly apprecheated
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    Kinda the wrong place to ask for that sort of thing.

    Besides, you won't be able to find a password cracker or generator for yahoo/myspace.

    Best bet is to get in touch with the administrators of those sites, and prove to them through legal forms that they are in fact yours.

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    Hello, and welcome to AO................. I am sorry that we should first encounter in these circumstances

    To put it very bluntly, you must kill those accounts............. the risk of impersonation/identity theft is far too great IMHO

    You are in the process of divorce? your lawyer can help................. a letter from them works wonders

    If your account has been owned for even 5 minutes, it can never be trusted again?

    Move on my friend...............

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    download and use at own risk.

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    shes ur ex wife, u can make rough guesses on what the passwords are.
    plus there are pw reset protocols for them, use it.

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