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    Creating a wordlist from a website

    Is there way to create a wordlist from a website? Like scanning a website and taking all the words on it to create a list?


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    you could always just grab the HTML, write a simple script to extract all the HTML tags, and place every word on a new line, and then search through the file to remove duplicate words.

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    Can you elaborate a bit more?

    Do you need specific words? because then you can just use the search button.
    Or do you need all the words in html listed for example on alfabatic order?

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    $url = "http://something.com/index.html";

    $file = fopen($url, "r");
    while(!feof($file)) {
    $data = $data . fgets($file, 4096);
    fclose ($file);
    $data = preg_replace('#<[^>]*?>#s',"",$data); // Strip html tags
    $data = htmlspecialchars_decode($data); // Translate **** like & to acctual letters/characters
    $data = preg_replace('#\n*#s'," ",$data); // replace new lines with spaces
    $data = preg_replace('#[^A-z0-9\-\s]#',"",$data); // Strip elements that do not produce words.
    $data = preg_replace('#\s{2,}#'," ",$data); // strip double spaces
    $dataex = explode(" ",$data);
    print_r($dataex); // <-- word list

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