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    roll call

    you can now post replies in roll call
    one to block
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    i dont see any harm in that. Prolly, there would be always someone to welcome new joinees, just in case a mod missed out.

    What i would like is a total reply limit in one thread like 3-4 replies.

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    It is another one that I would put on the "back burner" as I don't see it causing any harm short-term?

    I guess we don't see that much post whoring these days............a balance between "reputation" and number of "posts" perhaps?

    I believe the original intention was to prevent people from gaining status by simply posting replies to non-technical posts?

    I think that chizra is correct, in that it is only polite to respond to someone who introduces themselves?

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    Right, that wouldn't appear to be a problem. In fact, it's appropriate as 'hil said.

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