When my first wife left me I thought my life was ruined. Then someone told me that God doesn't close a door without opening another door for you. I didn't pay that much attention to that statement at first...all I could think of was my loss.

I managed to keep the house in the settlement, though I couldn't afford it on just my income. In a matter of about one week, another friend of mine discovered that his wife wanted a divorce. He moved in and we split the bills. Then another friend who was single at the time needed a cheaper appartment so we moved him in as well. Good times soon followed.

A short time passed, and I met a lady that I had known of since elementary school, my mother was her second grade teacher. We hit it off...she moved in too.

Here I am 14 years later, happily married to her and a proud father of a boy and girl. I made a couple of life changing career moves as well.

At the time of my divorce, I would've never dreamed that I could be this happy. All of my friends said that things would get better, I thought they full of ****. I guess they were right, but at the time it didn't seem that way. Those times were tough. They make a guy feel very uncertain about everything.

My friends that moved in? They have also moved on. They are both married to a couple of gals that they started dating while we were all living together, and one of them has a daughter.

So I can say with confidence that things will be fine rcgreen. It just takes time. When you are ready, you will decide to move forward.