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    some problem with yahoo mails

    Since yesterday im getting some problem with yahoo mail, when i try to send any mail to yahoo i am getting this bounce mail,

    Delivery failed 10 attempts: *****@yahoo.com

    Unexpected connection response from server:
    451 Message temporarily deferred - 4.16.50

    In telnet also I am getting same error,

    Is anybody getting same error message??
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    Have you tried sending to yahoo from another email account....???

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    This is a Yahoo issue. There are tons of people complaining about this.

    Have a look at the mail section of this report. Self explanitory.

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    thanks thehorse13

    i was googling since 2 days but today i found some people with same problem in google, it means there is no problem with my mails, will write to yahoo for more information..
    one of the great day in my life when i found antionline.com

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    I was also having such problems while sending emails to yahoo accounts of my friends n I had reported to yahoo and no reply. How can such problems persist in yahoo for so long!
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    Yahoo's been having problems for the past week, at least. I've been having some problems logging into a number of Yahoo accounts I use. I'm not losing any emails as far as I know though. One of my clients uses Yahoo's webhosting and ftp's been totally down most of the time. I've been uploading via http (which stinks!).
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    I personally haven't experienced any problem in Yahoo! mails. But I did have received notices in the past that some of my mail subscriptions have bounced back to the sender or appeared to have been shunted to the bulk mail folder.

    The problem, at times, is connecting to Yahoo! itself. Now and then, I experience the inability to go to Yahoo! home page even when I could visit all other websites and pages without any difficulty.

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