I am turning to eveyone in need of some guidance (as always). I currently have 40 + servers connected to 2 100mb cisco switches. my servers can handle gigabit but we dont have it there right now. I was tasked with putting together a quick business justification for why we should spend the money on 2 new gigabit switches.

Now I could put together something quick and say we have approx 900 nodes connecting to these 40 devices at 100 mb only and by increasing that capability to 1000mb we are increasing throughput and minimizing the current latency that is experienced but I don't want this to look half assed and have them just deny it. soooo.... does anyone have any tips or examples of a justification I can use? I am in a pinch and need it fairly quickly. when completed I will try to put together a reference for everyone to look at in the future.

Thanks in advance