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    I signed up for the forum to learn how to get rid of all the spyware and other malicous software form my PC.

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    cali forn i a
    google & download "hijack this" and "adware lavasoft"
    i'm sure theres more but i recommend those two.

    and if you have questions about what to remove with hijack this, post the results or log and i'm sure anyone here or i would be glad to help.

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    Hello my friend, and welcome to AO

    I am afraid we might be a bit thin at the moment as we have just done a major site upgrade and are still fixing a few things..........

    Apart from what was suggested:

    A-Squared is a good keylogger and backdoor detector

    EWIDO is a pretty good general malware scanner:


    Both are free. I think that EWIDO works interactively for 28 days......then you can only use it as a passive scan, but you can update it?

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    Thanks Guys

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