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    Unable to open TaskMgr, MsConfig, CMD, and regedit

    Hi All,

    I am unable to open the Task Manager, RegEdit, MsConfig and Command Prompt (from anyways) in my laptop.

    I am able to open all of them in safe mode, but they are not opening in normal mode.

    Please guide.
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    1) Are you the local admin when attempting? If so, I bet a worm has borked with your LSA settings.
    2) Have you checked the registry for signs of pwnag3 when you're in safe mode?
    Typically this behavoir is related to an infection. I know for sure that W32/Rbot-ANK causes this.

    Go into safe mode and tell me the contents of this hive:

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    Or, are you on a company/school etc network with restrictions applied?
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