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    A different breed of browser?

    I came upon an interesting idea and I was wondering if anyone has seen such a thing implimented yet. I'm looking for a web browser that rather than viewing one page at a time, allows you to view a whole website visually through a directory tree structure similar to viewing folders in Windows/x/macOS. The "browser" would idealy be able to map out an entire site before hand or just several sections at a time for casual browsing.

    Has anyone heard of a tool that does this or something similar? If not I may look into making one myself.

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    Well, Maxthon lets you do something somewhat similar, in that you can set it to have all tabs tiled on the screen in small blocks, and when you get to the main page of the site, you can click "open all links" option, and it'll open every link on that index page.

    Not exactly what you want, but the closest I know of. Opera may do this (i have it but haven't explored every feature it has), I really don't know. It's got more features than just about any browser around.

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