hi all,
have interesting question for msn live expert(no yahoo one) as i have no idea how this things work and would like to know::
i have msn name ( or account) which i use to comunicate with my sister only.I have also another person which makes only two people i have on contact list.
My questions are:
can somone get my account detail from my sister or friend pc?(not talking physical access) say by remotelly log into their pc?
and if they can(of course they can that was stupid question) can somone add another contact on my account without me giving permission or without me knowing.
I was told that you need to accept or invite somone to become your contact.But if somone remotelly uses my account they dont need my permission cos they are me in one sense or they acctually using my account.
Corect me there if i am wrong
and sorry if this is not proper forum
thanks for your replies