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Ahh.. seems that some people are calling this publicity seeking FUD...

It is what it is... Journalists need to direct it in a way that it attracts readers... the fact that it affects a few people doesn't make it any different that if it affected everyone... My release was an explanation of it... who it affected.. it was very clear... The press has their own way with things..

I don't think I'd call it FUD... The people that see it as FUD are those that jump to conclusions... It affects a small group yes... but the affect on that group is still real..

I can see plenty of comparisons for it... Let's say I go on the news and make a medical announcement... and I say "Diabetics between the ages of 30 and 35 who take insulin between the hours of 4 and 5am will have a horrid reaction and die. "... That affects very few people.. but is it FUD because I tell you??? Nope... everyone has the right to be informed of problems that affect them.. which is all I did.. and I stand by what I did..

MLF: I got a kick out of that blog posting as well.