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    I have downloaded WinRadio software from Rosseta. The problem is that I have reciever which uses the sound card and can be made to use RS232 or USB. The problem is that WinRadio works with their hardware recievers. My question is: Is there any solution so I can use the sound card or USB or RS232 for input signal ?
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    Unfortunately I strongly suspect that the answer is no. I believe that you need to get generic or specific software for your receiver.

    I have certainly had that experience with TV cards and to some extent with CD and DVD drives.

    The software is either OEM and hardware specific or a bundled proprietary offering that is only licenced for use with a specific device. It will check the device and only work with a licenced one.

    EDIT: I have moved this to hardware as you stand a better chance of getting an answer there. "Wireless Security" is about networks and the like
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