hi friends, best wishes from new member
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Thread: hi friends, best wishes from new member

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    hi friends, best wishes from new member

    hi friends,
    prasann acharya from india, working as a senior IT Executive @ angelbroking limited. well i m ccna and preparing for cissp and ceh, have working exp with ISP and stok exchange.i hate windows, bec as a server its dumb and insecure box, i love linux.
    feel free to mail me @ prasann.achayra@gmail.com

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    Linux is dumb and insecure to.

    A server is only as secure as the person who administers it.

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    I agree with cheyenne~ basically nothing is secure straight off the shelf. I would expect a custom installation where the installer knows what they are doing to be a lot better, because they would know the requirements,and they would be getting paid for the job.

    Servers in particular are likely to be supplied insecure, as it is assumed that they will be set up by a professional? The vendor has no idea of what the specific deployment is going to be so they won't mess about with it.........that would cost them money and margins are tight these days?
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    hi prasann,

    welcome to ao. Belated Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak! Back after Laabh Paacham?

    Hindsight is an exact science.

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    Welcome to AO! Help yourself to the buffet, but I'd leave the deviled eggs alone, they've been sitting there all day.

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    Welcome to the forums prasann.acharya!

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    haha this is the funniest intro ever.

    "windows is dumb, i love linux, bye"

    hello though prasann acharya, enjoy the new board.

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