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    Post How to recover data from damaged hard disk

    Dear Members,

    I will explain the problem

    I had windows XP loaded in C:\ having 39 GB and another drive d:\ having 150GB then yesterday i partitioned D:\ drive into 3 drives of 50 GB and formatted as FAT32 as C:\ drive is NTFS( that i came to know today) then i set D: E: F: as drive letter after this accidently i set D: as active then i restarted system it shown error as System disk failure at that time i dont had XP CD i used 98 cd and booted at that time i have seen only 3 partitions and that to empty then i thought by deleting non-dos partition i may get c:\ hence i deleted

    But at that time D: drive became at that time i really understood

    Now i have installed Windows Xp in C: ( Before that is d: 50GB)

    Do you know how can i recover that data in that deleted partition?

    Also i have not formatted that partition that Partition now it is showing as Unallocated?

    Can anybody help me to recover from my problem?
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    You can trys a data recovery software...slave the drive into another machine and use something like Easy Recovery

    I have used it several times now....works well

    There are several tools like that out there.....google works


    This is the one I have used


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    i would recommened using hirens boot cd.
    just download the .iso from here:

    burn the iso straight to CDR then make sure that your bios is set to boot from cdrom then just simply choose one of the many options and everything should work out fine..

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    I think Partition Table Doctor "Rebuild Partition Table" function can help you to recover the original partition directly. Then you can see all the data on the partition as their originally. This program have DOS and Windows two versions, if you cannot enter the system, you can create the boot disk first.
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