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    Well Larry,

    I looked at the front page and found that we have nearly a million posts............ for a dollar a shot I would do it

    Seriously though, I think that we have about 600-700 tutorials that need re-referencing.

    Now, contrary to most beliefs, us moderators are NOT hired hands, like we do not get paid anything................. and you are looking at a fair bit of leisure time there, so it would have to be at our convenience?

    Also, we have been looking at getting the rest of the site (the more basics) working first.............trust me mate, it is a pig trying to update a RDB that has been let slip for so long and messed around with as well

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    I guess that clears it up. My bad. I thought the Mods were paid.
    However, my focus is on the tutorial index. That is the real meat and potatoes of the site. Neg put alot of work into doing it once. It wouldn't be fair to ask again(much less DEMAND it). I know some html and I know how to do a search( even some advanced boolean stuff) So I could volunteer to do a part. Maybe someone else could do another part..so on. Then we could reconstruct the whole thing. I have noticed a real slip in the number of users that access the site. I don't think it is a perm issue though. The site is now in transition. New users will come and old ones will eventually return.
    The INFO is the crux of the bisquit( hehe not the apostrophe)
    I am used to the new interface now as everyone will eventually be.
    Broken links....well that's tough to deal with.
    We ALL need to pitch in to redo the standard ones.( like Neg's old index for example).
    Anyway give a small slice and I will do my part.
    I work full time and am studying for a MCSE(all on my own) but I can manage a small sacrifice.
    This doesn't need to be the pig at Farmer brown's birthday breakfast. You know where the chicken and Cow got together and said. " I am Ms cow and I will supply the butter and milk. You ms chicken can supply the eggs.
    and YOU Ms piggy YOU SUPPLY THE BACON!
    .Hmmm I don't know if that came out right but all I am saying is that no one should have to make a TOTAL sacrifice.
    er....I can give a few eggs but MY bacon is MINE!(and my future wife's)

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