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    Just a comment on the earlier suggestion elsewhere...

    Much better than they were JPnyc...I'm glad you decided to get rid of those other ones. KUDOS!
    Now if you could just give everything some depth.


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    Thanks, and I haven't forgotten, Eg, it's just that other stuff ambushed me. I should be out of ICU any day now

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    Hi there EG~

    I have never been through this with a website, but I have dealt with it several times with relational database applications. When someone goes in and butchers them so that the relationships are broken, this is a real pain.

    As you can imagine, the "normal" updating tools won't work properly?

    The first priority is to get everything working, and you do that in "vanilla flavour" because it is the easiest to trouble shoot?

    I am afraid that because so many amendments had been made, and the site had not been regularly updated, this task had become very manual, rather than a simple automated update.

    All I can do is urge patience on the part of the members...........we will get there, but it is not a five minute job..........trust me

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    Well the cosmetic things won't affect upgrades, but I just have to find the time to think about where the borders he was referring to should be.

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