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    Hi, i wanted to download a file from this site, "", it's in the category "win-exploits", because i am now a limited user on my computer and the person who was admin left the country and now i cannot contact him... i had quite important documents there... now, when i try to download that program, even if i'm logged in, it takes me to a place like ( ) every single time.... i don't see any downloads starting or anything.... I would appreciate it, if you can think about my request... Thanks, BGD!

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    As far as I am aware that category does not exist on this site. As the exploit is 6 years old it shouldn't work anyway

    If you want to recover your documents then I suggest you try logging in with your limited password, go into the application that created them and see if you can read them. If you can, copy them with a different name and that should give you ownership.

    If you can't, talk to your current administrator or someone with administrator rights.

    EDIT: Having had a quick look, this vulnerability is in Windows NT4.0 The exploit only works with SP1, although the underlying vulnerability was around until SP5. If you are still running NT 4.0 you should be at SP6a and it won't work.
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