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    Arrow Domain Name Registration online

    The main Domain Name Registration extension for site users are com that mean commercial but how many really commercial web sites with this
    domain name extension ?

    Domain Name Registration online no hesitate

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    While .com usually means commercial, it has evolved into a standard extension for websites. I'm in Canada and most Canadian businesses have the .ca extension, even though they are commercial. Same applies to the UK and many sites with

    Also, .org is suppose to be for Organizations, both profit and non-profit, yet many sites have that registered as their domain extension and have nothing to do with any Organizations.

    So it basically falls into the question of how much do you want to pay for your web extension? .com, .net, .org are usually 8$ and under, while new and foreign or new extensions are more expensive, ranging from 40$+ for items like .tv and .mobi

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    Hi voron, and welcome to AO

    As you are aware theory and real life do not always match exactly? like what do you define as "commercial"?

    It would imply trading, dealing, buying, selling................. but that does not have to be "for profit"?

    Similarly, a registered charity which sells stuff to raise funds might be an "org"?

    .gov, .edu, and .mil are pretty much self-explanatory though

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