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    Arrow Power Settings

    Ok, I have a more basic question this time around.
    I manage a medium sized LAN (all clients are XP Prof. SP2). I'm looking to run Diskeeper 10 defrag (comprehensive defrag) after work hours on all client machines. All machines are left on (users just log off).

    I currently have the Power Options (on each client) setup as follows:
    Turn Off Monitor - 2 Hours (of inactivity)
    Turn Off Hardrive - 2 Hours (of inactivity)
    Hibernate - 6 Hours (of inactivity)

    People generally leave around 4-6PM and I've set the defrag to run about 9PM (just in case there are any people who might be working until 7-8PM which is a rarity).

    Bascially, I'm wondering what's the most efficient power settings I can use so that I can run my defrag without having to leave the systems on all night.
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    Maybe do a few test runs, and note down the results, then choose the best options and do a final test run.
    And if all runs smooth enough then you've just found the best settings.


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    Why are the machines left on? You can save $$$ on the energy bill if they turn them off. You can use Wake-On-Lan to switch them on if needed (nightly software/patch distribution i.e.).
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    You might want to look at the "Set It and Forget It" options in version 10. It has a "Smart scheduling after hours" setting. We have been testing the various options and so far that one seems to work very well.
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