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Thread: CMDBs are Too Small

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    CMDBs are Too Small

    I just read a post from Alex Bakman on his Change and Configuration Management blog talking about CMDBs and claiming they are too shallow to be effective. Check it out here (link) and let me know your thoughts.

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    In my experience the biggest problem is a lack of management, management support and commitment.

    Try installing applications on a site with 200 desktops most of which are different and configured differently.

    Try consolidating desktops in a 1200 seat environment where you have at least three different apps doing the sme thing, and probably 5 different versions of each

    If you haven't got an environment where you can build reference boxes and test stuff before deployment you have a much bigger problem than a "shallow database"

    What I am trying to say is that before you start criticising the tools take a long hard look at the workmen using them.

    Now, his analysis is probably quite valid, but even the best software in the World won't solve the problems I have just mentioned.

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