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    I run 5 sites, 4 for some non profits I'm associated with. When I have a problem, like the one you are having, I copy the banner or picture to my site (I usually run a subfolder "images") so that I'm not worried about a remote site providing the image. The benefits are if the remote site is down or blocked, the file got moved or a myriad of other reasons, the picture gets through.

    I know this doesn't answer the original question or the difference in browsers but my goal is a working site for my site's visitors.

    Browser inconsistencies go back to the beginning of html. I validate my code with the W3 group. At that point it should work for the majority of browsers. If not, my answer is for the user to get a html compatible browser.

    Anyone remember Netscape's blink tag?

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    Well yes, I could do that .... I suppose even if I hosted the banner image there's no reason why it couldn't link to this site.

    Actually when I had another look at this, it doesn't link to AO anyway, just to the banner image, which isn't the idea!

    OK that's sorted ... and it displays the banner plus link to the site correctly. What a simple solution thank you!

    As for the blink tag, is this not just <blink>Message</blink> ? The blink tag is horrible!
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