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    Replacement to Visual Studio

    I am a current Computer Science student. I am looking for programming software that is a replacement for MS Visual Studio. I am going to use this for C/C++, and maybe C# in the future for Windows programming if I desire to learn it.

    Can anyone make some recommendations?

    Also, does anyone know if there is better virtualization software than VMware, and perhaps software that allows the OS to recognize more accurately my system hardware rather than the virtualized hardware that often isnt close to my hardware? I am going to try and setup FreeBSD in VMware or whatever so I do not have to dual boot and keep flipping between the two.


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    Have you tried VMware server? (it's free and it's pretty good). I'm biased.

    as for programming software I've always been fond of Bloodshed's Dev C++
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    If you intend to use freebsd, use g++ and gcc they come with the distro already.

    Just go to a cli and type man g++. gcc and g++ work basicly the exact same way, just ones for c++ and ones for c. Ill let you guess which ones which.

    MsM is correct bloodshed is decent. Spent a couple months using it. I would recommend g++ and gcc though. The archives of information on the compiler is impressive along with being very helpful.

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    Hey Hey,


    C/C++ == on *nix you're going to use Vi (Vim) for your IDE and gcc and g++ for compiling... On Windows.. Bloodshed Dev-C++ is probably your best bet for an IDE... you can get gcc and g++ for Windows... (It's one of two compilers that Dev-C++ will interact with... the other is dgjpp)..

    C# == You'll have to go with mono..


    VMWare -- Cross Platform... Server and Player are free
    Virtual PC --- Windows / Mac... certain versions have been released free of charge.
    Xen -- not really for running a Windows VM
    Qemu -- Emulation not virtualization... not bad for *nix command line but that's about it..

    I recommend VMWare personally

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