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Thread: Internet TV

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    Internet TV

    There are sites that have lists of TV channels you can stream to Windows Media Player and/or Real Player. I have came across a few trying to sell their player, but only one that has links you can freely use (www.wwitv.com). Does anybody have any technical links, something like the old school TechTV.

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    I know that Winamp has TV channels and stuff like that. Also, if you want to go through the troub--- ADVENTURE! of setting it up you can buy a tuner card, download VLC and setup your own video server. I'ved used VLC to stream some Family Guy DVD's. It was awsome...and free.

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    Sorry to "piggy back" on your thread, but this is something that interests me, even though I have never gotten round to it.

    Over here I am allowed to download about 30~40 Gb a month without paying extra................so, does the watching of online TV clock up as a download?.........OK I know you don't know my ISP's billing policy, but would it even show as different?

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