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Thread: VelociRaptor Firewall - Cobalt

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    VelociRaptor Firewall - Cobalt

    Hi Everyone,

    i have just bought a secound user firewall from Ebay and i was under the impression that the it was browerbase management. once i received the item i found out that i need the software for it. my problem is i have sent 3 days solid on google - sun - and general fourm rooms and have been unable to find the software i wondered if anyone has one of these unit or if they have the software.

    you help you be grate.

    thanks everyeone


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    The product is "retired" (obsolete) and was a joint venture between Symantec and Sun Microsystems IIRC.

    You might try here:


    If that link doesn't work you need to go to the Symantec site and look for support/downloads for small business products. It will be in the "retired products" section.

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