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Thread: Home Networking Issue.

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    Question Home Networking Issue.


    I have 2 PC's, they are physically connected to a Netgear wireless router.

    One downstairs, one up. The router has a broadband router connected to it also.

    Computer #1 downstairs (XP), works beautifully. Blazing speeds, no connection issues..

    My problem is computer #2 (upstairs), is connected to the same router but it has some sort of connection problem.

    It will ping the outside internet, It has connectivity. One of the most noticible problems is,

    When using a browser, trying to load a webpage (yahoo) for instance, It will load the <title>... And sometimes fragments (frames) of pages.

    But the rest of them will display microsofts default (this page cannot be displayed). Also when connecting to the router this happens.

    The image for netgear atop of the page loads, but the rest of the information just times out. The process takes several seconds (20+) before half-way completing.

    All the DHCP information is being received. DNS is fine.

    Does anyone know why this problem may be occuring? I'm assuming its software based on the computer #2 side (windows).


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    This really sounds like a browser issue to me. I would suggest using firefox as your browser and see if you have the same results. If you have the same results then I would then look at the router and see if you are blocking any common protocols or ports for the interface your computer is plugged into. Other than that, I cant think of anything else?

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