2038? Common People, that's when the new M$ OS comes out.

Introducing - 2038 Windows Anomaly:
Come 2038, Microsoft will do what no other company has done, create the perfect OS. Known simply as "The Anomaly". No more BSOD's, patches, updates, or any other issues. This OS boasts complete perfection, so much in fact that engineers have included a new option in the Control Panel. This new option titled "System Crash" will imitate all previous MS operating systems. Just click on the icon and the screen will freeze, followed by 20+ cryptic error messages, a BSOD, and a final dialog box reading "critical system error, contact your system administrator".
"Once the user hits the "OK" button, everything will be fine again, except the screen will be upside down" one MS engineer was quoted. "The user just has to flip his/her monitor and everything will be fine" he added.