Issues with replication?
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    Question Issues with replication?

    A Happy Thanksgiving to all those of the Anti-Online community...

    I have a question I am pondering over in relation to the servers at my work. I have noticed something that appears to be a bit off with one of our servers. The USN (Update Sequence Numbers) seem to be mismatched on one of our two servers. Does this warrant any concern on my part? When I tried to do a forced replication the numbers still were mismatched on one of the servers. Is it supposed to be like this or are they always supposed to be identical?

    I have included a picture of the two servers side by side. One matches and the other is way off. Can anyone shed some light on this and what I might need to do to correct this. Also would this lead to any issues in the future if it stays in this state?

    As always thanks for taking time to answer me.
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