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    reference to a specified memory adress

    I have a big problem. I recorded someone using a soundrecorder, but my battery died and there is no pointer reference for the memory where the interview is. I know for sure that the file exist, but I cannot acces it in any kind.
    Do you know how can I recover that?
    Please help, I have to write 30 pages from that record, an I have to give it to the professor next week.

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    Hello Mari, and welcome to AO, I am sorry that our first meeting should be in these circumstances.

    Can you give us a bit more information?

    1. What device did you use to make the recording?
    2. What medium was the recording made on?
    3. Can you actually "see" the file, or is it missing?
    4. What type of file would it be?
    5. Is it likely to be encrypted, if so, how (algorithm/protocol)?

    Although we are primarily a security site, this sounds like a forensics question, which I interpret as data security........................ we have a number of members who are quite talented in that area so I hope that we can help.


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    More information and thanks

    Thank you for your response. You are very quick.

    I used a soundrecorder with a MP3-player, I mean you coud record and listen to music. It was, anyway, a digital one, and I can transfer the information to my computer.
    I can see it's on the recorder, because I have less time to record than when I started using it. But, I think that I don't have a pointer to that memory location. I don't know many things as you do about computers and programming, I'm at a middle level, so I don't know if the pointer is the problem.

    The file it would be a .mp3 format, but I don't think it's encoded. I mean, I don't know.

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