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    Quote Originally Posted by Moira
    Oh dear

    I'm just totally dumb today I'm afraid - the top right of my pages here look blank

    You wouldn't mind posting the link to the download, would you?
    This is the site which has the download http://www.systenance.com/indexdat.php

    Myself IMHO I would rather use this one.. http://www.stevengould.org/software/...reenshots.html

    Tried them both, and I find the one from Steven Gould to be superior, try them both and go with what's comfortable..
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    Hi Moira you should have "new" in red then "downloads"........on the front page? Top right column.

    this is the link (I hope) http://downloads.antionline.com/file/31637.htm

    Hope that works?

    EDIT: I just tested that; and it works for me.

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    Ah sorry, you meant from the portal page. I got it now, cheers.

    Edit Hmm, could have sworn I saw a topic reply to a new post here ...
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