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    hi all....again!

    Hey there people!

    Ive been a member here before, (years and years ago) and have just got back on here after another change in career!

    Im back into the IT world again, managing a few smaller projects for small businesses in the UK, and thought Id take advantage of the resources here again!

    Its changed a canny bit since i was last on here on my original account! all seems good though, will start having a browse later on!

    Im a linux fan but want to get more invloved in it, not using the usual "commercial" distro's, getting to know it further! especially the security side of linux based servers.

    anyways enough ramblings! im gonna have a little look around now, and will get some bits and bobs posted in the near future!


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    Welcome back!

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    Welcome back.! It's always good to see older members return.

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    Welcome! Like you, I was a member years ago, but I don't think I ever posted anything (certainly made up for lost time since!). A linux expert? That could be useful good at samba are you?

    /me points Robert.Box towards the linux forum
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