Hi, its been a long time since I last visited AntiOnline, but I hope I'll come here more often in the close future

Anyway, I have this situation. I work as a techsupport in a local ISP. The work is pretty easy for me... but I would rather say TOO easy. Until recently the job suited me quite well... it allowed for a lot of free time to study, meet up with friends.. you know the usual stuff... Anyway, recently I finally layed my hands on MCP certificate... after a year since I passed the exam.. lol.
I decided that this job is not for me anymore. I plan to put some effort into certification from Microsoft and Cisco now. I have passed the exam for the first course of CCNA (at least thats how it went in my University). I'd like to ask for some advice, which certifications I should invest into? It has come to my mind that I am more interested in network security and programming. At least thats the kind of technical literature I like to read most.
Back to the point Sorry for the long prelude...
The question is: what certifications should I get first if I am into network security and progamming? There are loads of them out there, so I will gladly accept any piece of advice you can give.

Thanks in advance.

Yours truly. Jazz

P.S. - Sorry for my english, any misspelling or grammar mistakes) I didn't have much practice lately, I hope to make up for that in the close future.