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    Exclamation New 404 DNS error scam.


    You gotta have a look at this scam.. There may be better one's then this but this one just shows how desperate these people are..

    The spyware keep redirecting infected machine's to the '404dnserror' page. The page looks like a generic server error, but also advertises an anti-spyware tool in the form of an ActiveX like installer toolbar at the top of the page.

    Thanks goes out to SANS and reader TOM.
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    Thats funny. Anything to trick people into running that crap. 'the page cannot be displayed it must be microsoft telling me...better install!'
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    This is actually piss poor. There are far better and nastier phishes out there. I saw an excellent PayPal phish just the other day. I was very impressed. Proper English, all the links were valid (with the exception of one of course) and the URL was very well obfuscated.

    Tis the season...

    I got a nice laugh out of this. Nice post.

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